28x28-in. Inkjet Test Form
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The Printing Industries of America 28x28-in. Inkjet Test Form is designed to challenge the printing performance of  inkjet printers and the color reproduction characteristics of a printing system. Utilizing a variety of test targets, the 28x28-in. Inkjet Test Form can help printers evaluate the printing system through visual examinations, attributes analysis, equipment characterization, and print standardization.Test Form Targets include: 

  • CMYK/RGB Tone Scales Radial Line Target
  • Type Quality Target
  • Fill and Stroke Targets
  • Line and Bleed Target
  • Gradient Hexagons
  • CMYK and RGB Directional Line Targets
  • Directional Vignette and Solids
  • CMYK Gray Images
  • Open Designation Region
  • Library of Images and Targets designed to be placed into the Open Designation Region

A unique feature of this product is the color management open designation region within the form. There are two 8.5×12.5-in. areas left intentionally open in these test forms where the user is able to drop in various color management images, ink and substrate test targets, various artwork, and clients specific images they might require.

 A library of images and targets, included with the test form, can provide analytical data and invaluable information for optimizing inkjet printers including; assessing equipment output, integrating color management, and establishing process controls.