Sheetfed Offset Instructor's Training Manual, 6th Edition
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Sheetfed Offset Instructor's Manual
Sheetfed Offset Press Training Curriculum

Printing Industries of America Staff

The Instructor's Manual is a 2-volume set.

The Printing Industries of America Sheetfed Offset Press Training Curriculum is designed to help you effectively train your pressroom staff. It is a resource that contains everything needed to deliver technical content, teach standard operating procedures, and measure trainee learning and performance. It combines the best of instructional design with the latest in technical information into a highly visual, interactive, and production-oriented curriculum.

The completely revised sixth edition of the Instructor’s Manual maintains the classic Printing Industries of America curriculum modular format integrated with hands-on exercises and problem-solving activities to optimize the learning experience. A CD-ROM packaged with the manual further enhances the classroom presentation by adding essential visual aids.

The Instructor’s Manual offers trainers:
• Lesson plans
• Instructional objectives
• Teaching references
• Suggested training props
• Supplemental hands-on exercises
• Real-life training tips
• Problem-solving activities
• Standard operating procedure checklists
• Task review exams and answer keys
• Move clips, diagrams, and close-up images

Specs: 682 pp. (in 2 volumes), 8.5x11-in. spiral bound, ISBN 0883625199, copyright 2006.