Basics of Print Production, 2nd Edition
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Basics of Print Production, Second Edition
Mary Hardesty Kuhn

Why does your local grocery store flyer use photo images? Why does your local hardware store flyer use line drawings? Why is one folded like a newspaper while the other is staple through the spine? Why do some publications use color while others appear only in black and white?

When you hold any printed piece in your hands, it's easy to take its fabrication for granted. But, starting wit the original idea behind the piece, dozens of important decisions are required to make sure it delivers its message in the best possible manner.

The second edition of The Basics of Print Production examines all of those important decisions—from concept to delivery—and provides the reader with practical tips, guidelines, and knowledge about each step in the printing process, including:

  • Developing preliminary and final specifications for a print project
  • Determining the size and format for a printed piece
  • Acquiring, scanning, and proofing images
  • Building the print-ready digital mechanicals
  • Printing, binding, and finishing the piece
  • Packing and shipping the piece to its destination

As an added bonus, this book features an appendix that shows the effect of different paper grade choices on the same image.

Specs: 180 pp., 6x9-in. spiral bound, ISBN 9780883626870, copyright 2011.