Printing Estimating, 5th Edition: Costing and Pricing Print and Digital Media
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Printing Estimating, 5th Edition:
Costing and Pricing Print and Digital Media

Philip K. Ruggles

From the Preface: The genesis of this book began in 1979 with the publishing of the first edition of Printing Estimating Principles and Practices...This book has the same core objectives as the previous editions: to chronicle the way contemporary print providers estimate, cost, and price their work in light of the prevailing technologies they use and the business environments they must survive in. There remains a "how-to" component as well as a "theory" component in this text: "how-to" subjects such as estimating paper or press time or bindery costs and "theory" topics that include management information systems, activity-based costing, benchmarking, decision-making tools, and important pricing issues and rules. Chapter 7 addresses how to estimate digital print using "click charge" methods and the process of building cost matrices for static and variable print, as well as estimating website development.

A download link is provided to access a number of appendices with support items, including...a complete set of estimating problems with answers...and a comprehensive Glossary of Terms.

1. The Scope and Function of Printing Estimating
2. Developing a Cost Estimating System
3. Management Information Systems for Print and Digital Imaging
4. Estimating Paper
5. Estimating Ink
6. Estimating Electronic Prepress
7. Estimating Digital Media for Print and Graphic Communication
8. Estimating Sheetfed Lithographic Press Production
9. Estimating Postpress Production
10. Estimating Web Print Production

Specs: 398 pp., 7.5x10-in, concealed Wire-O with download supplement, ISBN 9780883626214, copyright 2008.