Typography Primer
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Typography Primer
Anthony Faiola

Typography not only refers to the art and craft of creating and/or setting type professionally, but it also includes the rules and conventions that govern the assembling of type into aesthetically appealing and readable pages. With the advances of desktop publishing, the basics of typography are easily taken for granted, but what people often consider to be just letters and fonts proves to be a science in itself.

This book presents the vocabulary, classifications, and aesthetic principles associated with typography. From the earliest visual communication of prehistoric images through the developments of digital type, basics such as the construction of type and measurement systems clarify the design considerations of typography that lead to more legible, cohesive, well-balanced compositions. It is ideal for educators, students, and graphic artists—anyone who is interested in understanding this most basic element of graphic communication.

Table of Contents: A Brief History of Printing • The Evolution of Typographic Styles • Typography Basics • The Anatomy of Type • Typographical Measuring Systems • The Visual Science of Type • Typography and Grid Systems • Typographic Devices for Optimizing Visual Communication • Type and Color • Digital Type

About the Author: Anthony Faiola is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Graphics in the area of Interactive Media Development in the School of Technology at Purdue University. He holds three master’s degrees: From The Ohio State University he holds a master of arts in visual communication & computer graphics and a master of fine arts in experimental media, and from SUNY at Albany he holds a master of arts in printmaking (lithography). He is a recent recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship to St. Petersburg, Russia, where he gave a series of lectures on visual communication, graphic user interface design, and digital printing/publishing systems.

Specs: 144 pp., 5.5x8.5-in. perfect bound, ISBN 0883622629, copyright 2000.