Printing Industries/SNAP Newspaper Test Form
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The popular PIA/GATF/SNAP Newspaper Test Form has been updated and expanded to make the new Printing Industries/SNAP Test Form. This new two-page test form was developed with the SNAP Committee and the technical staff of the Newspaper Association of America. It provides greater measuring capabilities and compatibility with today's digital imaging systems.

The first page measures the characteristics of the newspaper printing system. It can be used to calibrate the output of the prepress system to achieve optimal color reproduction of the press. It can also be used to establish meaningful process control aim points for the pressroom. The second page contains a color chart to help the user get predictable colors from the newspaper printing sytsem.

Elements include:  Four-Color Single-Tier Color Control Bar, Information Block, Type Resolution Target, Transfer Grids, Four-Tier Color Bar, Female Portrait, Fleshtones Photograph, Memory Colors Photograph, High-Key Photograph, Maximum Coverage Target, Tone Scales, Hexagon Target, IT8.7/3 Basic Data Set, Gray Balance Chart, A Segment of the PIA/GATF/Systems of Merritt Plate Control Target, Unidirectional Register Track.

Image size is 20.5x11.5 in.

Digital Test Form: Included is one CD-ROM (Mac and PC compatible) with test form in EPS file format and detailed User's Guide. User's Guide is also included as a PDF file on the CD.

To order this product in a film-based (positive/negative) form, please contact Printing Industries of America directly at 412-259-1786 or email: qcproducts@printing.org. Film-based products are special order only and require 2-3 weeks for manufacturing.