Altona Test Suite - Application Kit
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The comprehensive Altona Test Suite Application Kit can be used for a variety of purposes: for process control, to check the PDF/X-3 compatibility of workflow systems, to adapt digital proofing systems to the standard process and as color specimen (process color solid).


The central focus is on a visual comparison of the reference prints of the Altona Test Suite Application Kit with off-press proofs, on-press proofs and production prints in order to evaluate the color quality of digital proofing systems and the adaptation of production printing to the standard process.


The Application Kit consists of a set of PDF files, specially designed for testing digital output devices, including:


  • 16 numbered reference prints (size 297 x 420 mm) in 4 envelopes
  • 7 color specimens (process color solid) (size 190 x 260 mm) in 1 envelope
  • 15 Altona Test Suite data files on CD-ROM
  • 6 Characterization data on CD-ROM
  • 6 ICC Profiles on CD-ROM
  • Documentation (PDF) on CD-ROM
  • Documentation 132 pages DIN A4, 4-color-print, English and German
  • All parts of Application Kit in black coverbox 245 x 325 x 25 mm

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