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Lean Printing: Cultural Imperatives for Success
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Lean Printing:
Cultural Imperatives for Success

Kevin Cooper

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There’s a reason so many printers are discovering and employing Lean practices in their day-to-day operations. Quite simply put—they work. Unfortunately, many attempts to establish Lean operations fail, not because of a lack of funds, tools, or time, but because the company culture simply will not support the inevitable shift in focus.

Lean Printing: Cultural Imperatives for Succes features advice on what it takes to achieve complete buy-in from the top of a company to the bottom, including:

• The importance of leadership

• Team building

• Understanding empowerment vs. control

• Establishing a mission statement

• Properly managing the shift toward Lean

• Handling issues arising from your company’s existing infrastructure

The book also includes six case studies of actual companies who have faced the challenge of establishing truly Lean printing operations.

Kevin Cooper has worked in printing and manufacturing for more than twenty years. He is currently a professor of graphic communication at California Polytechnic State University and actively presents and consults with printers on Lean manufacturing methods. He is a co-author of Lean Printing: Pathway to Success.


  • A Premise for This Book
  • It Is All About Leadership
  • Culture of Success: Empowerment vs. Control
  • Team, Team, Team!
  • Missions and Visions
  • Managing Change
  • Infrastructure Issues
  • Wrapping It All Together
  • Appendix: Case Study Material

Specs: 148 pp., 5.5x8.5-in. perfect bound, ISBN 9780883626887, copyright 2010.