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Power of Digital Workflow

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Learn best practices for job submission, handling, production and distribution, as well as how to create a top-notch customer service experience.

Prepress Instructor's Manual

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This manual will function as a guide in the preparation of lectures and demonstrations of prepress procedures and practices.

Prepress Operations (Package Printing - Excerpt PDF)

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Package Printing, 2nd Edition, Chapter 6

Prepress Skills Assessment Tool

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The Printing Industries of America Prepress Skills Assessment Tool is designed to assist you with evaluating prepress personnel during the interview/hiring... More

Prepress Trainee's Manual

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This workbook provides direction for completing the knowledge requirements for each of the six tasks in the training program.

Prepress Trainee's Manual (PDF Download)

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Prepress Trainee's Manual (PDF Download) Prepress Skills Training Program   PLEASE NOTE: This is a downloadable zip file containting... More

Understanding Digital Imposition

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Basics of conventional (stripping) and electronic image assembly.